Germain le Carpentier (TBHC)

Germain le Carpentier (TBHC)

Germain le Carpentier

Introducing Germain; a young french director from Paris who has collaborated with AG Studios on the creation and production of the first season of his mumblecore  Web series “The Beating Hearts Chronicles”. All episodes will be released on AG’s website and social platforms in spring 2020. Learn more about the young filmmaker in this interview.

A quick interview about The Beating Hearts Chronicles

Can you Introduce yourself ?

My name is Germain Le Carpentier, I’m 26 years old. I live here and elsewhere and devote my life to my passion and art : cinema. I write, direct and produce but for the first time of my life, I’m the showrunner of a series.

How did this series project come about?

First, it was more about the desire to tell a series of short stories in New York. The idea came mainly from a deep impulse with Milan Odin from AG (producer) to share a common project, because we had a strong desire to collaborate together from a “cinema” point of view.

The project took a real “international web series” turn when at the heart of a trip in Burgundy with close friends and artists the flame was still burning in me and a the new chapter of this adventure was about to be born. Everything happened really fast when my friend and actor Mehdi Meskar started improvising. We then, naturally started to shoot and as this second bourguignon episode was being created the name “The Beating Hearts Chronicles” was chosen. Right after that experience the idea to continue and draw several portraits of millennials in the search of a better life was essential.

What made you come up with the idea of shooting the series in different cities in the world ? 

A strong desire, to meet new people, to travel with friends or people I discovered in the heart of a cinematic adventure. The idea was to integrate the real points of view of each actor and actresses ; use their everyday life in different coutries, cities and societies. Connecting with different cultures affects everyone’s mood and feelings,  actors primarly,  by depriving them of their comfort zone we got something more spontaneous and personal and i was honored to have each of them opening so much to me, and thus the camera.

Talk about your cast in the series ? 

The vast majority of them are friends or friends of friends. We also have people who were looking for a challenge or a new experience, my little sister for example who was acting for the first time in front of a camera. Or my friend and director, Maxime Roy, who was taking his first steps as actors.

I love them all in different ways, I loved to lead them, discover them or rediscover them but more important meet their characters. I would like to talk about each and every one of them but it would take too long. I am proud and very lucky to have worked with each of them that is certain.

Any future projects ? 

A season 2 at The Beating Hearts Chronicles would be amazing. (Laugh) Aside from that I am preparing two feature films this year, one in New York and one in France. I would like to continue producing. Produce a lot of movies made by women with my partner in crime, Christine Caro !

Why did you decide to film one of your feature in NYC ? 

Because New York is a story pit and I have the impression that there has not been much film portraying women in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn or Queens. After, as I work on two films, I do not know which one will be the first. There is a fun side to this.

Who is your favorite Director? 

It’s very difficult to answer that. I love so many filmmakers and I can not choose only one, it goes from Léos Carax to Andréa Arnold, through Philippe Garrel, Claire Denis, Robert Guediguian, Gaspar Noé, Nicolas Winding Refn and Christopher Honoré. I love New York cinema, the new generation of independents  led by the Safdie Brothers, Alex Ross Perry and the Frenchy Lola Bessis & Ruben Amar. But if I had to choose a single director today, I would say John Cassavetes, because he is every independant filmmaker’s master.

Favorite Film(s)? 

My favorite movies of 2017 was Good Time by the Safdie brothers. I reviewed recently, Dance With The Wolves directed by Kevin Costner, it’s still an incredible movie. A masterpiece actually ! I would say that every year,

A film you would recommend to go see right now in theater or online ? 

Blame, from a young director to keep an eye on, Quinn Shephard. I, she stars, wrote the screenplay and edited the film alone, as well as produced the film with her mother. I am in awe with this woman. The film was  just released both in theater and in digital so very easy for everyone to find and watch.

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