Teaser – The Beating Hearts Chronicles

Teaser – The Beating Hearts Chronicles

The Beating Hearts Chronicles

The Beating Hearts Chronicles is an independent web series produced by AG in collaboration with Arsonists production. The series is shot around the world in collaboration with local talents and certain French actors and actresses reprising their role in several episodes and thus several cities.

The genre of the series is completely in line with the Mumble-core Subgenre by its improvised dialogues, handheld shots and the strong focus on relationships of people in their 20s and 30s.

Every episode is a short film shot in two to three days, based on three central subjects: a place (a city or a region), Women, and love.

The series is divided into three periods: the present, the past and the future.

The Team

Director : Germain le Carpentier

Production : AG Studios / Arsonist’s Production

D.O.P : Germain le Carpentier

Talents : Astrid Roos, Valentine Catzefflis , Melody Klaver, Helene Kuhn , Mehdi Meskar