The Playlists

The Playlists

The Playlists

Introducing the playlists, the playlists will be as the name indicates, playlists we will post and send to our newsletter subscribers. It will be an updated music article where a person from our team or outside of our team will choose up to 12 tracks for you to discover or rediscover. 

We hope you enjoy our first selection made by us for you !

Playlist 001

Playlist 002

11 tracks from empowering women for to you to enjoy at any given time, day or night, alone or not. Enjoy !

Playlist 003

From “neo-funk” to classics, take a trip to funky town with our latest selection.

Playlist 004

Warm up your nights and days with this house disco playlist.  

Disturbed party playlists

Listen more of our playlists in our Disturbed articles.